The Ruby Sunrise

Written By Rinne Groff
Directed by Ensemble Member John Gawlik

Performed January 15, 2009 – March 22, 2009


Setting off from a farm in Indiana as a young girl named Ruby struggles to turn her dream of the first all-electrical television system into a reality, and jumping forward to a McCarthy-era New York TV studio where Ruby’s heirs fight over how her story should be told in a live teleplay, THE RUBY SUNRISE charts the course of the phenomenon of television: from early idealism and sparks of genius, to promises fulfilled and compromises brokered, and beyond.

Featuring: Gift Ensemble Members John Kelly Connolly, Alexandra Main, Artistic Director, Michael Patrick Thornton (Jeff Award Winner), with Brenda Barrie, Jennifer Betancourt, Nick Bonges, Patrick De Nicola, Caitlin Emmons, Katie Genualdi, Maura Kidwell and Raymond Shoemaker.

From the Press

“Recommended - Vibrant...transcendent...electric...first rate...transmitted with perfect clarity. ”

Hedy Weiss - Chicago Sun-Times

“Five Stars”

Caitlin Montayne Parrish - Time Out Chicago