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Ensemble Member John Kelly Connolly

John was here at the start. He grew up in Jefferson Park, getting his first library book across the street from the theatre. He will return that book if everyone just stops nagging!

He’s currently working on Flare Path with the Griffin Theatre, rewriting his third screenplay A List, producing Three Fights for giftFILM and trying to lose weight.

He’s a proud Chicagoan who loves comic books art, Joe’s Pizza (see the lose weight part right above, see?), Jameson’s Whiskey, The Good Wife, Yes, John Powers, Hagan’s shrimp, Dr. Pepper, his Mom and Dad (who should have been put first), coffee, Paddy Chayefsky, the Cuckoos, Sherlock, Irish sausages, the Cubs, Sandra Bullock, Superdawg, Six Part Seven, Coleman, Elmore Leonard, rain, Newsroom, no shoe summers, The Band Perry, Nobody’s Fool with Paul Newman and everyone and anyone associated with the Gift Theatre. So we guess that means you.