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Ensemble Member David Preis

David Preis

Technical Director

DAVID PREIS (Technical Director) has contributed his woodworking, general handyman, and all-around technical expertise to The Gift since 2002, becoming…

Ensemble Member Jennifer Glasse

Jennifer Glasse

Co-Artistic Director

JENNIFER GLASSE hails from the West Side of Chicago, IL. She is an Ensemble Member at The Gift Theatre where…

Ensemble Member Emjoy Gavino

Emjoy Gavino

Co-Artistic Director

EMJOY GAVINO (she/her/hers) is the Casting Director and a Co-Artistic Director for The Gift Theatre. The eldest child of Filipino…

Ensemble Member John Gawlik

John Gawlik

Managing Director

JOHN GAWLIK is an Ensemble Member and Managing Director of The Gift. He officially joined The Gift Theatre in 2004,…

Ensemble Member Brittany Burch

Brittany Burch

Co-Artistic Director

Brittany Burch became an ensemble member with The Gift in 2011 after moving to Chicago in 2010 to study with…