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At The Gift, we ask you to join the Revolution. Well, what is this Revolution?

It’s the idea that every great story is a kind of love story.

It’s the idea that when you give something away for free, everyone becomes enriched.

It’s the idea that theatre is a necessity, not a luxury. We need it like milk and bread, eggs and butter. It affirms our dreams, calms our souls. It nourishes and sustains us.

It’s the idea that you never forget where you came from.

It’s the idea that if you can lend your gifts to help improve your neighborhood and city, then you should roll up your sleeves and dig in.

It’s the idea that when you build true relationships with local businesses, everybody wins. Ask our neighbors.

It’s the idea that the underdogs will always win if you just give them a chance.

It’s the idea that theatre must retain its identity from film and TV. You can’t pause us; it’s why our doors stay shut after the play starts.

It’s the idea that art is a cornerstone to every strong and healthy society.

It’s the idea that art should be available and accessible to all.

It’s the idea that a theatre of Emotion creates a more emotionally-available society and that a more emotionally-available society is a more humane one.

It’s the idea that a theatre is a community of common principles. The principles of The Gift are love, great stories, honesty, simplicity, intimacy, ensemble.

It’s the idea that a rabble united under a flag they believe in can cause empires to fall and change the course of history.

“Apparently Lawrence & Milwaukee is the next theatrical frontier.”
Kelly Kleinman, WBEZ

“The Jefferson Park neighborhood —
a place some have dubbed the city’s newest theater district.”
Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times.

This is our revolution. Join us.

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